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I was officially diagnosed with gall bladder cancer on Tuesday, July 21st 2009. 
It all happened very fast because it was just 2 weeks before that when I started having minor stomach issues.  The minor stomach issues turned into major ones which led me to the doctor for testing.  The testing eventually included a CT Scan which revealed swollen lymph nodes and a mass on my gall bladder.   Next thing you know, I am being whisked into the hospital to have my gall bladder removed so they can do a biopsy on it.
Now here we are with "poorly differentiated invasive adenocarcinoma".   With that seems to come an unending amount of pain especially in my back and abdomen.  To deal with the pain, you take pain medication which can cause quite a bit of nausea and "loopiness".

Added later to this blog, but I passed away on Friday, October 23rd to be with my Lord Jesus Christ and God.  

We have been overjoyed and overwelmed with the love, support, help and food we've received.  We can't tell you how much all your prayers and support mean to us.  Even through a tough situation, there seems to be a peace that only God can provide.  I hope you will continue to come back to this site for updates on our latest life adventure.
Rebecca "Becky" Walter

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